An Adventurous Listen: Enson Works by 21 Grams

If The Struts weren’t enough to satisfy your craving for raw rock music, undiluted by modern pop, then 21 Grams may be able to help out. The five guys hail from the UK, and they just released their live LP, Enson Works, on May 30th. The story behind their band name is surprisingly sentimental, coming from a heavy rock band that isn’t afraid to blare their guitars. The name is actually the theoretical weight of a human’s soul.

Enson Works is a diverse collection of songs that are incredibly fun to listen to. The band has tactfully ordered their songs to make sure each receives a unique listening experience. Simon Degg’s melodic guitar is a tasty refreshment in “Memento” after being exposed to a flurry of the strings and drums on the first two tracks of the album. It is the perfect juxtaposition to Tim Edward’s piercing growls. The more familiar sound of rock and roll reappears in “In My Head” and then departs again for a beautiful acoustic break in “Don’t Cry.” The lyrics in this are eerily honest, creating room for sympathy and curiosity as to what must have provoked the song. Fortunately, you never feel too bad for the band or their singer. The last three songs of the album have the energy and angst to lift even the dampest spirits.

21 Grams’ has truly grown on me as a rising band from the UK. They’ve certainly left an impression on this southern American gal and already impacted my Spotify playlist. I hope they’re able to make their way across the pond soon. Until then, I’ll just be thankful for the internet. Here is their Facebook page for more info. You can also listen to them below on Spotify.



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Rose has always been passionate about music and writing. Through Rose Likes Rock, she hopes to connect the two while also building a community for others with unique musical tastes. She makes it a priority to attend at least 2-3 live music events each month in order to keep the music knowledge and recommendations overflowing.

2 thoughts on “An Adventurous Listen: Enson Works by 21 Grams

  1. Rose , thanks for the awesome review of our EP and the kind comments about our band , we ,, like you are passionate about good music and it makes us happy to know that people are enjoying our songs in other countries and not just England , it would be awesome to come over to the US and play a show but until then why don’t you come over to see us in the U.K. Keep rockin from Simon ( 21 grams )


  2. Hi Rosie
    Thank you so much for this excellent review…it would be nice to travel across the pond..hopefully one day
    Love Tim


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