Good Vibrations Music Fest 2017

Good Vibrations is the first fully deaf accessible concert. It allows the deaf and hearing communities to come together over great music, hand crafted arts, and delicious food. With interpreters, live captioning, and visual light shows that sync to the performances, Good Vibrations is for anyone and everyone. You can learn more about the festival here.

This year’s headliner was Ben Rector. Other performances included those by Emma Faye Rudkin, Brad Blackburn, Ryan Proudfoot, and Penny and Sparrow.

Below is a short video I made of our little trip up to San Antonio, featuring the song “Brothers” by the amazingly talented and comedic duo, Penny and Sparrow.



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Rose has always been passionate about music and writing. Through Rose Likes Rock, she hopes to connect the two while also building a community for others with unique musical tastes. She makes it a priority to attend at least 2-3 live music events each month in order to keep the music knowledge and recommendations overflowing.

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