“Hey moon, please forget to fall down…” at Pikes Peak!

Eclipses are always cool, but you rarely get to see anything space related in Houston (unless you go to NASA, of course) because of the light pollution and smog that fuels our economy. So when I serendipitously scheduled a trip to Colorado during the solar eclipse, I was determined to find the best view possible.

Of course, the higher the better. So since the family wanted to venture up to Pike’s Peak (some 14,000 ft or so up), it was the perfect location. The eclipse wouldn’t start until around 10:37AM, and full peak wasn’t until about 11:47AM. Irregardless, we left for the hour drive at around 7:30AM to beat any traffic. People were flying into Colorado and then driving the 300+ miles up to Wyoming to see totality. Rental cars and flights were all sold out, so roads were definitely going to be packed. Fortunately, we got up there with plenty of time to sight see on the way. I only wish I brought a thicker jacket. All I had with me was a blue flannel, but a hoodie would most likely have been more appropriate. Honestly, anything with pockets would have been better! My hands had almost frozen off by the time the eclipse was over.

The park rangers were the nicest I had ever encountered. They were patient and helpful in getting cars parked efficiently. One even offered my family a pair of solar glasses since they were all sold out weeks before, both online and in stores. Up until that point of generosity, random strangers would pass by and offer to let us use their glasses or wielding masks. The camaraderie on that mountain was incredible to witness after such dividing national events.

If you’d like to see the shots I got of the eclipse, you can check out my Instagram! I’m still incredibly new at this “photography” thing, but I messed with the settings as much as I could to try and get a clear view. We were at about 95% totality here in Colorado Springs, and yet the sun was still incredibly bright. Aside from a dramatic drop in temperature, everything was pretty much the same. Unfortunately, I completely forgot amidst the chill to get a glimpse of the crescent moon shadows that the leaves were supposed to cast.

If anyone has any tips on adjusting settings to get clearer pictures of the sky (day or night), I’d really appreciate it! It’s something I’ve always wanted to master.

Lastly, because this is a music blog, I’ve attached a very appropriately named playlist. If you ever take a gander at my Spotify playlists, you’ll see I stray very far from conventional titles.

This playlist is perfect for those light night drives when you’re speeding down the freeway with few cars in between. It’s the soundtrack you have to prepare your throat for because every song begs to be screamed into the night air. That’s why it’s called “moon.” It’s a little heartbreak, a little anthem, a little rebel, and a whole lotta passion.

I’ll be posting more about my trip and some of the best bands I discovered here in Colorado! So please be sure to follow my blog so you can be sure not to miss out. Seriously, the music scene here is so good!!


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Rose has always been passionate about music and writing. Through Rose Likes Rock, she hopes to connect the two while also building a community for others with unique musical tastes. She makes it a priority to attend at least 2-3 live music events each month in order to keep the music knowledge and recommendations overflowing.

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