A Daydreamer’s Soundtrack: Dillon Biggs

With just a single out in 2015 and his debut EP a year later, Dillon Biggs has already managed to develop an entrancing and unique sound that only he will ever be able to replicate.  His first single, “Another Second Long” is already a great song with obvious talent in his raw and edgy vocals. In just a short year later, his EP, Cakewalk, takes on a whole new and exciting sound.

When I first heard him own the spotlight in a local cafe at the University of Houston, he instantly caught my ear. I loved studying or killing any free time at The Nook Cafe on campus while I was still enrolled in class because they always had a great soundtrack. Friday nights were especially cool because they usually managed to book a local musician for a few hours.

Biggs’ performance, both covers and originals, were captivating. His voice was vastly different than any other indie pop singer I’ve yet experienced. Most of the musicians I actually liked in that genre were always female. He was one of the first guys in indie pop that was able to capture my attention. I immediately complimented him and bought Cakewalk.

The EP is just as addictive as his vocals were that night. The opening wind chimes in “Diet of Cake” immediately took me into a storybook. In this premier, Biggs lyrically sets the stage of how too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s a bittersweet lesson that not everyone is ready for, but he makes it easy to digest with intricately upbeat verses and a catchy chorus. “Take It Easy” follows with melodious chants, making sure you stay distracted from the world outside of the songs he has created. In my personal favorite, “Sad Song,” Biggs’ talent as lovable bearer of bad news is given the chance to shine again. The reverberating bridge is the perfect compliment to the smooth melodies we were introduced to in the chorus. In his final track of the EP, “Young Eyes,” Biggs wakes us from the daydream that he has trapped us in for the last three songs. It’s a faster paced song than the formers, allowing him to go out with a bang.

Since his album is a short 20 minutes and maintains a theme of accepting the darker aspects of life without giving into them, it is the perfect mental break during a stressful day. His music is calming in its originality. He empathizes with how bad a day can go while also motivating you to push forward, past the trials.



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