The Sentiments of Girl Power: Bea Miller


Bea Miller first launched her career at the age of thirteen. Her parents were poor and on the verge of losing everything when she decided to take her talents towards a professional level. Because of this, she’s never been a stranger to trials and hard work. In 2012, she was a contestant on the X Factor. It was a huge start for her career. Her covers and collaborations with various other YouTubers helped her gain popularity. She even signed with Hollywood Records to debut her first album, Not An Apology. Since then, she’s even landed some minor acting and voice acting roles throughout Hollywood.

Not An Apology is true to its name with unapologetic anthems showcasing Miller’s talents, not just vocally but as a songwriter, too. Her voice is low, almost like a menacing growl and just as captivating. The sound of her music is a diverse match, ranging somewhere in the middle ground of pop and rock. While her songs are filled with heavy hits and basses, she still manages to keep everything fun. It’s like pop with punk rock vibes and fuzzy instrument distortions. Tracks like “Dracula” and “Young Blood” are perfect introductions into the type of girl and artist Bea Miller is: a young woman who really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Others like “I Dare You” and “Paper Doll” are more on the pop side, reminiscent of P!nk’s older tracks like “U + Ur Hand” and “F**ckin’ Perfect.” In order to get a real glimpse at her vocals and songwriting, the acoustic track “Force of Nature” is stripped away from production techniques, leaving just her voice and a couple guitars.

Bea Miller’s latest releases include multiple singles, previewing the story of what her next album will tell. Instead of just releasing one album of work each year, she’s chosen to release many little things throughout her journey to give her fans a more realistic picture of what life is bringing her. Each set of singles are named after a color (chapter one: blue, chapter two: red, and chapter three: yellow), probably alluding to her synesthesia that allows her to see music rather than just hear it. From the three sets, blue has been my favorite. She stated that the experiences leading up to these tracks were some of the hardest that she’s gone through, and it shows. Her re-imagination of the old nursery rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down” on “Burning Bridges” is both haunting and captivating. Each release has been strong, finding a firm foundation in pushing through the hard times. “S.L.U.T.” is another track of inspiration. Everything in each release is much more mindful of production techniques, giving her a more polished and mature sound. It’s hard to believe she is only 18 years old.

Since Bea Miller began singing at such a young age, it’s pretty easy to see how much she has grown and developed as a singer/songwriter. I’m excited to see where her latest singles will end up taking her. She’s got a great message for this generation of females, and she seems more than strong enough to deliver it. What do y’all think of her? I know she’s a bit more pop than I’m used to writing about, but a lot of her songs are just too good not to talk about!


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