Getting Lost in Nashville

So you obviously know by now that I recently went to Nashville, Tennessee (I promise this is the last post you’ll see about it). It’s been on my list for a while because of all the music it inspires. Pretty much every person we met, either at bars or through our Lyft/Uber drivers, were aspiring musicians. Ryan Cluff was one of those drivers, and his stuff is here on Spotify! He’s a folksy singer with a beautiful voice and songs that just make you feel good about life. I also came across this other band when someone came by and offered me their EP. That was super fun and cool because when was the last time someone even gave a physical copy of their tracks? Games We Play is this pop punk band I briefly ran into at Breakfest, and their stuff is great to lift your spirits.

As expected, there is pretty much live music everywhere, particularly on Broadway Street. This was probably the number one thing I wanted to experience, aside from hot chicken. Fortunately, our Uber drive told us about a place that would let us have both. Acme Feed & Seed on Broadway Street has these perfect little hot chicken nugget bites that were perfect for my best friend and me to share. I was a bit hesitant about having a giant serving of fried chicken because my stomach can be pretty sensitive so these mini bites were perfect. They also have an amazing rooftop to look over the rest of Broadway Street and the neighboring river. You can view some of that day’s live entertainment on my YouTube channel.


Rooftop bars are definitely a big deal in Nashville. It was a selling factor for a lot of the places we went to. Another was Paradise Park. This place ended up being a little more my vibe. The first floor showcased this amazing rock band with a female vocalist. The place was filled with people just hanging out and playing vintage arcade games. It was definitely my kind of scene. You can check out the awesome band here.

Another sight definitely worth checking out is the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. It’s right on the edge of downtown and not too far of a walk from Broadway street. It’s a great place to just take in the city and its views.


Broadway is also great for nightlife. Pro tip: use Nashville Joyride for free rides around the city. You can just google their phone number, give them a call, and tip your driver to get from place to place. I like to keep things pretty tame so we ended up at this dive bar in East Nashville. They had their own version of this Nashville drink called the bushwacker. It’s basically a boozy milkshake. It was a good drink, but personally I’d prefer the ones here in Houston at Hopdoddy’s. After splitting a bushwacker and playing a couple rounds of foosball, we went across the street to Game Point Cafe for a detox with some kombucha. The staff was great. They helped us pick the perfect games for us and were even patient enough to explain how to play.

Some other stuff you’ll see in below’s video recap is my best friend and I getting a little lost on one of the trails at Warner Parks. We like to try and do at least one nature based activity whenever we travel because we don’t get a lot of chances back home in Houston.  It was a fun hike that we just underestimated the distance for. In the end we were still glad we did it.

You’ll also see a quick glimpse of Franklin, Tennessee. A cute little historical town right outside of Nashville. It’s perfect for grabbing a bite to eat and picking up some souvenirs from the local boutiques.

Outside of this video are some delicious restaurants. Milk and Honey was definitely the favorite. The menu was not only creative, incorporating honey and bee pollen as much as possible. Everything was also perfectly delicate yet satisfying. We walked out there completely stuffed.

Some places I wish we could have experienced are the Bluebird Cafe (featured in the TV series Nashville) and Biscuit Love. Bluebird Cafe is only open for open mics and other schedules shows, so make sure to check out their website before you head into town. Shows sell out fast so I’d recommend buying a ticket ahead of time. Biscuit Love is this amazing brunch place that had a line out the door the morning of our flight back to Houston. So it’s obviously a place worth checking out. Plus, I have the perfect lyric to go with my picture about eating biscuits and gravy. Any guesses on what it is?

Let me know if you’ve got any plans to visit Nashville or have already been there. I’d love to see what else the city has to offer!


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Rose has always been passionate about music and writing. Through Rose Likes Rock, she hopes to connect the two while also building a community for others with unique musical tastes. She makes it a priority to attend at least 2-3 live music events each month in order to keep the music knowledge and recommendations overflowing.

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