Wild Child Vibes at Haak Vineyards & Winery

I spent last Saturday at a beautiful Vineyard less than an hour out from Houston’s downtown. I was skeptical of any winery so close to home, but it was everything I could have imagined. The grapes were plump and filled with this beautiful deep purple. Surrounded by so much greenery, I almost forgot how close the city was. Complete with a little outdoor area for wedding ceremonies and reception halls, it was something straight out of a fairytale.

I had just purchased a new digital camera the day before, so I knew I’d want to put together a mini “vlog” of the whole thing. Right away, I was sure it would feature a song from Wild Child. Their music is perfect for a day out in the country, surrounded by beautiful nature and away from the city’s craziness.

Based in Austin, Texas, the band centers around two lead vocalists: Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins. The group is almost too unique to describe, but I’ll try my best. Kelsey’s vocals are almost haunting, and I mean this in the most beautiful way. Alexander’s harmony serves as a sort of anchor to keep you grounded to the rest of the song before your soul floats up and into an abyss. “Break Bones” is a great example of their combined vocals.

I love artists that take traditional subject matters, like breaking up or loneliness, and attach them to an unexpected melody. It almost creates a new type of song and genre that is always keeping things fresh and original. Wild Child have perfected this balance of art. My favorite thing about their songs are how sweet and comforting they sound despite how the lyrics contrast beautifully with some of the darkest subjects. In “Trillo Talk,” Kelsey sings about the aftermath of splitting from her fiancé of five years. Although the story is depressing and can certainly bring a person down, the upbeat rhythm and whimsical melody leave you with a triumphant attitude. By the end of it, you know you’ve just transformed into a total bad ass by leaving that person behind.

To learn more about Wild Child, you’ll just have to check out their website and discography. I would also recommend seeing them live. They’re on stage banter is truly incomparable. You can get a small glimpse of it on their commentary album of The Runaround. Plus, the one chance I had to see them live, they were completely open to just talking to everyone after the show. It always means a lot to have the chance of speaking with one of your favorite artists.

The video below features one of their more upbeat songs, “Cocaine Hurricane.” In it, you’ll see a glimpse of Haak’s vineyard, cellar, and the wine tasting that came with the tour.


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