Catch Them While You Can: Wild Child at The Heights Theater

If you’re looking for some hippy and carefree party vibes at a concert, then Wild Child is the show for you. With seven people and over ten instruments, there’s no room for boring. It’s not like I expected anything less than fresh and exciting from this band, anyways. I saw them once before at Walter’s (RIP because my favorite venue has shut down) when I had just learned about them, and they put on a phenomenal show. It’s pretty much impossible to not groove along with their music. One of the most memorable aspects from their last show was the way vocalists Kelsey and Alexander wittingly played off each other throughout the night. Now this time around, they were putting on a free show for their Texan fans AND debuting music from their latest album, Expectations, which was released that night. So not only was I seeing one of my favorite bands for free, BUT I was also among the first to hear their new material.

In no way, shape, or form did the band disappoint. Energy levels were at an all time high the entire night, even during the duets that Kelsey and Alex performed by themselves. Everyone on stage seemed to be in a sort of honeymoon filter where everything in the world is just brighter and funnier. Laughs and giggles made reoccurring appearances, both from the band and the audience. Cody, the guitarist and trombonist, even fell over onto the floor during a different rendition of “Pillow Talk” that featured the most serendipitous sound effect. Everything and everyone just synced with one another. The entire show felt like being with family as the band opened their hearts to the audience in the form of their latest tracks from Expectations. There was even a cute little family front row that was composed of the cutest parents and their teenager daughter, complete with an antler-ed flower crown. There was also an on stage marriage proposal between fans.

Wild Child also did a great job with their set list, keeping the crowd engaged with older and well more known songs while also sprinkling in newer tracks to showcase their newest accomplishments. Needless to say, everyone fell in love with their new material. A crowd favorite was Kelsey’s and Alexander’s latest duet, “The One.

The opening track of Expectations also happened to be the first out of their new tracks that the band performed live. “Alex” introduces the struggles of finding yourself at the beginning of a new relationship and all the questions it brings. It’s almost like treading back into the water for the first time after drowning years ago. Other tracks like “Back & Forth” and “Expectations” bring up different questions. How much of myself do I really want to give away? Will all of the uncertainties and possible heartbreaks be worth it in the end? Based off of the album’s finale, “Goodbye Goodnight,” it seems like the answer will always be yes. I mean, this is their fourth album about love and heartbreak because no matter the amount of heartache in the end, you’ll still find yourself longing for even more love.

I know for a fact that Wild Child should continue seeing through this honeymoon filter as their tour progresses. I’m sure each night will be just another party, each one unique from the last. Their songs, both new and old, are an amazing ode to all kinds of relationships and their phases. They always joke about their latest album being their last, but here we are again. Hopefully, there will be many more albums and shows to come.

What do y’all think of Wild Child’s latest album, Expectations? Are y’all seeing them on tour? Check out their website to see when they’ll be near you. Do you want the set list? Or just want more videos from their show? Comment below, and I’ll get it to you!


PS If you want even more Wild Child, check out a previous post about my time at Haak Vineyards. It had major Wild Child vibes, and I just had to include them in my little vlog recap.


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