Houston Bike Bar // Allison’s Birthday

This past weekend I had the privilege of celebrating one of my best friend’s birthday. She got some of her friends together, and we all pitched in to do a bike bar around Midtown. I had seen the contraptions around town before and was always fascinated by them, so I was excited to get a first hand experience. It’s a whole lot more intimidating than I initially expected, but perfectly fine once you get moving. As far as I know, no one has ever fallen off. At worst, people may have dropped their belongings so just be sure to secure everything properly. There are also cup holders and a long bar table in case you decide to bring some of your own food and drinks. I was shocked to learn that our pedaling is actually what powers the bike’s motor. I legitimately thought it was just for fun. Luckily, we had Katie, a fantastic driver for Houston Bike Bar, to make sure we didn’t crash. She was super easy going and really knowledgable about the places we were going to.

The bike bar rental was only a couple hours long, so we didn’t visit too many places because we tended to just get lost in the fun at each bar. We started the night off at Howl At The Moon, a nostalgic piano bar that was perfect for live music. Afterwards was 3rd Floor for some drinks and group pictures on their roof’s patio. I just wish the view wasn’t hindered by that night’s fog. We ended the night at Pub Fiction, a place I always curiously drive by. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have lots of food options, so we ended the night with some mozzarella sticks, but I’ll definitely be back for their weekend brunch.

Houston Bike Bar ended up being a great way to start the night. With its two hour limit, it’s definitely more of a pregame activity before going on to something else. But for me as a super introvert with a traditional bed time of 8PM, it was just the perfect way to celebrate with some friends. They also have other tours available if Midtown isn’t your thing. Or you can even customize your own route!

To tie in this little review/celebration with this blog’s music theme, I’d like to dedicate Oh Honey‘s “Be Okay” to Allison. It’s light and sweet and acts as the perfect warmth of a summer’s day during life’s winter. It’s a perfect representation of who Allison is. No matter what life throws at either of us, I know I can look to her for strength and inspiration. Happy birthday Allison! Hope this year is the best yet.

If you’d like to learn more about Oh Honey’s sound, be sure to check out my artist feature of the duo right over here. And if you have any other suggestions on what else there is to do around Houston, let me know! I’m stocking up on some birthday ideas for March!


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