Another Really Late Recap: NYC 2017

I finally made it back to New York! I’ve only had the privilege of being there twice in my 23 years of living, but each time has been a blast. The first was with my mom a few years back, and we did all the tourist-y things we could fit in. This time around I was with a few girlfriends, and my goal was to live life like a “true” New Yorker. In all honesty, this just meant staying at an air bnb, taking the subway everywhere, and eating some very unhealthy hot dogs from a street vendor. Side note: if anyone happens to know a song or lyric that references eating hot dogs in New York City, I NEED IT!! Please and thanks.

I put together a little montage of our adventures there. You’ll see some familiar places like the New York Public Library, Times Square, China Town, and Brooklyn Bridge. Other highly recommended places that weren’t featured in the video are Korea Town, Central Park, and the Rockefeller Plaza. The music for this video is provided by Mainland‘s “Not As Cool As Me.” It’s the perfect pop rock song filled with that right type of pride and attitude I felt while living my best life as a New Yorker. You can learn more about the New York band and their attitude by reading my artist review here!

PS Below the video is just a quick list of the things I did that really made me feel like a “true” New Yorker.

3. Walking to Central Park by myself for a quick run and then making it back to my own little apartment to whip up a quick breakfast.

2. Taking the subway all by myself to get to Hillsong Church in the Manhattan Center without getting lost!

1. Breaking into our apartment our last morning because the girls locked themselves out. I jimmied that door open with nothing but my ID and all 120 lbs of my body weight. I left that city feeling like a total bad ass.


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