A Refusal to Give Up on Love: Welcome Back by Handsome Ghost

Handsome Ghost have finally come out with their debut album, and it’s amazing. Welcome Back follows their EP, Steps. You can find my brief review about it here. This time around, Tim Noyes and Eddie Byun have created a full collection of songs that paint a more somber story than they have told in the past. All the while, they maintain a comforting and reassured feeling, familiar from their past works.

Throughout Welcome Back, tracks like “Reckless Lover” and “Honest Mistake” speak of a relationship that is all but impossible to let go of. As the story moves forward, Tim illustrates the struggle of being in a broken relationship without giving up on it. In “Fool,” he willingly takes the blame of any arguments from the past. He continues this way throughout the album. In “Better Off” he concedes that their relationship may not be the best for each other. However, by “Here’s to Endings,” Tim refuses to say goodbye. This testament of love continues in “See You When I See You” and reverberates with the listener in the album’s closing with “Creatures.”

Handsome Ghost is currently on tour with flor. They’ll be in Houston in just one week at White Oak Music Hall. It’s a great space for storytelling with the band. I’m excited to see how these new tracks translate in a live setting. The last time they were in town, they did a couple acoustic songs in the crowd. With an album that’s so much more raw and vulnerable, I’m sure it’ll be another intimate and incredible night. Let me know if you plan on being there!




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