Bathing in a Post Party Glow: Handsome Ghost

You know the feeling at the end of a perfect day that puts you in bed with the most secure intuition that maybe the world isn’t so bad after all? Tim Noyes, the brains behind Handsome Ghost, has captured this phenomenal emotion and transformed it into a new genre of indie pop that strips itself from the shallowness many other pop songs fall prey to. Instead, it leaves a new sound that is whimsically captivating and painstakingly honest in lyrics. At his helm is one of his best friends, Eddie Byun. He informed me the last time we spoke after they opened for Great Good Fine Ok that Handsome Ghost is “more Tim’s project.” Still yet to release a full debut album, Handsome Ghost already has two EPs out and a plethora of new singles from this year alone.

From the very first notes of the Steps EP, Handsome Ghost is strange and unique. Opening with a weird and almost artificial sound like a VHS being rewinded, Steps immediately takes the listener back in time. The upbeat rhythm and soothing vocals from Tim are reassurance that the memories will be pleasant. The trip down memory lane comes to a mellow drop in “Weight Of It All” before picking up into the bittersweet song of lusting after someone in “Bloodshot.” Below is a clip of “Weight Of It All” from the last time they were in Houston’s White Oak Music Hall.

Handsome Ghost’s following EP, The Brilliant Glow, is a promising step forward. Its more popular songs like “Graduate” and “Eyes Wide” are even being played in chains of businesses like Old Navy. Despite the fact that the EP’s sound has a more traditional pop feel as a whole, Tim’s vocals keep it grounded from other pop songs on the radio. “Eyes Wide” is a perfect example of how hearing something live can completely change your original perspective of a song. Tim does a great job of engaging with fans and promoting his new music all over his social media, so I was no stranger to the track when it first came out. Hearing it live, however, was like a whole new experience. I realized how much of a dance anthem it is despite its slow intro. Check it out below, and let me know what you think.

Since seeing Handsome Ghost live and falling in love with even his more traditional pop songs, I have been eagerly waiting on an official album, or at least another EP. Fortunately, Tim has been promoting a new single what seems like every month. My favorites thus far are “Fool” and “Honest Mistake.” “Fool” is a sweet and refreshing acoustic tune of the little fights that couples get into, and “Honest Mistake” is a catchier ditty with a fun beat and chorus. I was hoping to learn more about the song he played as an encore during his last show in Houston, but it still remains a mystery. I thought it may be Brand New Colony, but I think the track has yet to be released. Here’s a clip of what he just said was unreleased so far.

Let me know what you all think of Handsome Ghost! I know he’s a little different from what I usually post on here, but I definitely think the music is worth the feature. Do you agree?


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