Rocking Out in The Motherland: MilesExperience

I’m spending a couple weeks in the Philippines to surprise my grandma for her 80th birthday, so I figured now was the time to finally check out some Filipino bands. There was one band that stood out in particular while on the hunt for some new music: MilesExperience. This rock band has a unique sound that also incorporates a ton of creative melodies akin to a jazzier sound. This stylistic throwback is reminiscent of some other current bands that I’ve written about here on the blog. MilesExperience’s play with melodies on the guitar and other instruments creates a more upbeat version of what Buxton offers. The band’s ability to blend genres also makes them comparable to the folk-rock band, Run River North.

One of my favorite things about MilesExperience is their ability to paint the most beautiful imagery with nothing but their instruments. There are multiple tracks in their debut album, Against & Against, that lack vocals but are still wholly complete without them. These medleys offer a beautiful blanket that rounds out the rest of the album not just in the beginning and the end but throughout the whole musical journey. This journey also includes getting back in touch with my cultural roots through their Tagalog songs like “Anggulo” and “Silakbo.” I don’t know too much Tagalog, but I have pissed off my parents enough to know that “Anggulo” isn’t your typical love song with phrases like “bahala na” and “pwede bang.” Other notable tracks include “Down” and “On Her Knees.” The former is a fun and dreamy escape that highlights Miles Bondoc’s vocals. The latter starts as a more soothing lullaby that gradually builds into an intense expression of percussion, minor chords, and sultry vocals. Eventually, the guitar riffs go into an artistic battle with Guido Hizon’s keys.

MilesExperience’s sophomore album, Soberhaul, immediately starts off on a much lighter note with the first track “Sunshine.” From there, the rest of the album continues to take on a different sound that is more characteristic of a pop rock band. Despite the change in sound, the band maintains their integrity and creativity. Songs like “Feels” and “Like A Wave” are filled with catchy guitar twangs and funky brass horns. They also continue to incorporate their Filipino culture with more Tagalog songs like “Takipsilim” and “Pagkakataon (Wag kang Titigil).

Discovering MilesExperience was such a joy. I haven’t done the best job in keeping in touch with the Filipino culture, but discovering bands and music from the same country as my parents has been such a treat. I am proud to claim the Philippines as my motherland, and its diverse culture has the been the most delicious cherry on top.


PS I’ll be posting more about my trip soon! I have NYC coming up as soon as I get back into the states, so there’s a lot of exciting travel and feature posts coming up! Get a sneak peak of my adventures in the Philippines on my Instagram!



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