Achieving the Perfect Balance Between Grunge and Hip Hop: Tangerine

It is few and far between that I like an opening band so much, their entire discography ends up being added to my Spotify library. Tangerine happens to be one of these rare occasions. When they opened for Bleachers, I was completely entranced by Marika’s delicate voice, coupled with the guitars’ screeching melodies. The concoction was convicting, and I was hooked. Interlaced were some addictive beats that made the conviction just that much more enjoyable. Marika’s little sister, Miro, on the drums was just the icing on the cake. I love female vocalists, but I love the occasional female drummer even more.

The sisters met their lead guitarist, Toby, after a battle of the bands they competed in as kids. Originally from Seattle, they moved to LA for a change of scenery, coupled with ambitious hopes of getting their sound further than just their hometown. It’s safe to say that the change was definitely worth it.

Tangerine has an EP and some singles out on Spotify right now. Their EP, Sugar Teeth, is an addicting alt-pop record that’s the perfect soundtrack to dancing around the bedroom in your underpants.  The opening track, “Tender,” immediately sets the tone of a grunge and indie sound before surprising the listener with their ability to transcend genres. “Sunset” is an especially fun track with upbeat melodies and guitar riffs. Marika’s voice is also extra entrancing as it echoes throughout the song. The band’s latest single, “Sly Moon,” is definitely more refined and seems to have hit the band’s unique sound right on the head. Marika’s voice perfectly pushes the song forward like an invoking plot that you can’t leave before it’s completed. The chorus is so catchy, I can still recall jamming to it the first time at Austin’s Emo’s. “Baby, let it go..” just runs endlessly through my head. The guitars and drums lift my arms as they flow freely through the air.

According to their website, “Sly Moon” is supposed to be just the first of many new releases. I hope the rest come soon. I’m stoked to see where their sound goes and what kind of success it ends up attracting.


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