Folk-Pop’s Perfect Pick Me Up: Oh Honey

If you’re ever down on your luck, Oh Honey has the perfect soundtrack to help turn that frown upside down. Their tunes are perfectly orchestrated to lift any moods with harmonies that don’t technically blend into beautiful voice but rather showcase each vocalists’ strengths. The folk-pop duo, featuring Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard, is based out of New York’s Brooklyn.

In contrast to the concrete jungle that Oh Honey resides in, the band’s music is more reminiscent of nature’s freeing beauty. Their lyrics and melodies illustrate scenes straight from the greenest meadows, complete with the sun’s warmth and speckled wildflowers bursting from the ground. Other songs like “Compass”  and “Cracks in the Floor of Heaven,” leave the day’s shine and take the listener into a breezy night lit by a beautiful bonfire.

Even though we’re reaching the point where temperatures drop and days shorten, Houston is just now getting what feels like spring. So it’s no surprise that I’m blasting Oh Honey whenever I take my dog out for a walk. The weather is perfect, and the sun is shining. On top of it all, my new puppy has given me a new found appreciation for life, nature, and love itself. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Oh Honey is their songs’ reflection of love. It’s not like most love songs based on relationships, good or bad. It’s a more unconditional type of love that unrelenting in its presence. It sings about a love so strong, it’s practically inescapable.

I’m still counting the days until I’ll be able to see them live. They’ve been on my list for a while. I’ll be in NYC for a few days next month, so maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to catch them at a local gig while I’m there. Let me know what y’all think of the duo!




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